New Year Greetings From Chairman,

Ishan Children and Women’s Hospital 

At the very Beginning of 24th Year of the Life of this,wonderfully unique and almost family home of so many Ishan employees and Consultants at all levels, I as the longest serving among you, wish you the Most Prosperous Year ahead .

I have been emotional lately, choking on occasions when l attempted to talk about Sacrifices made by so many of us and consequent hardships suffered due to use of our earnings for staff pay to avoid suffering among the lowest earners during the early lean times, Higher earning opportunities arrived later due to ideas generated in the silence of so many sleepless nights.

Today we are at the juncture of success or failure depending on use of caution over bravado. Have faith in the winning power of clear thinking and ideas, and we will prosper, all of us. An example of this, just think of the the near closedown Ishan faced before moving to the present site. Think also of the despair in our daily thinking before acquisition of 6.3 ropanis of our current building site due to the MOMENTOUS IDEA of inspiring and convincing Ishan Consultant doctors to convert 25% of their earnings into shareholding.

As a result of this ONE idea: almost every Consultant at Ishan has become a solid pillar of the hospital with ownership of the organisation. We are on our way. Rejoice my friends in welcoming the New Year 2019-in spite of the recounting of some necessary Ishan history.

Together Ishan will prosper and each and everyone of us will prosper with it.

Best wishes from my family and me to all for the new year.

Dr. Narayan Bahadur Thapa


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