In 2052(B.S.), Dr. Narayan Bahadur Thapa and colleagues felt that there was a need for a children’s hospital in the private sector as the government facilities available then were not coping with the enormous patient load. With this idea a humble beginning was made to start a 15 bedded Ishan Children’s Nursing Home.

This hospital was first of its kind the paediatric field and we started with the motto of providing 12 hour outdoor and 24 hour emergency and indoor facility. In the intervening years we have increased the bed capacity to 25 and in process of upgrading the hospital with our own earthquake resistant building in Shree Tol. Tokha -5.

The guiding principal of this hospital from the very beginning was to provide affordable quality care with the best available equipment level. From our ordinary but adequate start we have gradually built ourselves to provide the best operative unit possible and are equipped with an ICU of highest quality.

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